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Piggybacking to an Improved Credit Score

Consumers with questionable credit should know that there is something in addition to an auto loan that could improve their FICO scores.

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How to Enhance your Credit Scores during Poor Credit Car Loans

Buyers with poor credit often ask us if there is anything other than a bad credit car loan that can raise their credit scores.

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Becoming an Authorized User during a Bad Credit Auto Loan

there a number of things that can be done in addition to auto loans for bad credit to raise your FICO scores. Most are legal, while some are not.

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Authorized Users and Bad Credit Auto Loans

One particular method is legal and, while it won’t help you reestablish your auto credit, being added as an authorized user on a credit card account can raise your credit scores in a very short time.

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Kia Motors Warns of Text Message Scam

A recent text message scam in New Zealand could easily find its way to the U.S.

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