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Selecting Used Cars If You Have Bad Credit

Car shoppers with less than perfect credit typically choose a used car when it’s time to finance.

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New Chrysler Program Could Help Bad Credit Buyers

Credit-challenged buyers will soon be able to choose from a wider variety of certified used cars at Chrysler dealers that participate in bad credit auto sales.

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Comparing Buy Here Pay Here to Bad Credit Auto Sales

Applicants with bad credit often think there are no differences between a tote the note dealer and a new car dealer that offers terrible credit auto loans.

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New Cars and Bad Credit Auto Sales

Even if you have bad credit it is sometimes possible to finance a new car with terrible credit auto loans.

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Understanding Bad Credit Auto Sales

At this time, there are lenders out there willing to help those with poor credit who at one time may have had good credit. This is especially true if one or two events can be identified that could’ve led to bad credit.

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Boosting your Credit Scores

According to the AFSA Education Foundation, there are a number of things you can do that will not only help you manage your money but also improve your credit rating and boost your credit scores:

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Positive News for Bad Credit Auto Sales

But before applying for terrible credit auto loans it also helps to know what’s going on in the car finance business and this week Equifax had more good news.

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