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What is the best online tax service

Tax time is an important time for many Americans, and finding the best online tax services is of great interest to many busy people. However you maybe surprised to hear that to us here at Auto Credit Express tax time is an important topic as well

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Latest FICO Survey Good News for Bad Credit Buyers

In a recent survey of 216 bankers and risk analysts sponsored by FICO, the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association came up with the following results relating to car loans

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Finding a Dealer for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

If you have bad credit, in many cases you can waste hours and sometimes days trying to find a dealer that can get you financed. If you’ve tried everything else, here are some suggestions that might help you find the right kind of dealer:

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KBB Used Car Report Good News for Bad Credit Buyers

But if you plan on financing your next car with car loans for bad credit, does it make sense to finance a subcompact or compact car?

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Bad Credit Auto Loan Credit Repair in 2011

in addition to a bad credit car loan, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your credit scores.

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December Fannie Mae Report Improves Outlook for Bad Credit Buyers

And while forecasted growth was upgraded from 2.9 percent to 3.4 percent based on the positives in the recent reports, this is based on the “anticipation of improving labor conditions” and flies in the face of “the huge disappointment from the November employment report.”

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The Right Car for Easy Auto Credit Bad Credit Auto Loans

While many applicants looking for easy auto credit want to finance either an SUV or a relatively expensive full-sized sedan, choosing either one is just asking for trouble if you have bad credit.

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