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Bad Credit Car Sales Increase

We tend to watch for this type of news after almost two decades of involvement in bad credit car sales here at Auto Credit Express.In fact, we even designed a web site so applicants with bad credit can learn about tote the note dealers, repossession and today’s topic, the general state of no credit auto loans.

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Dodging Bad Credit Car Sales Scams

From our applicants we sometimes hear stories about how they’ve gotten themselves into trouble by entering into a sales contract they can’t afford. What is unfortunate is that if they had followed some simple guidelines, they wouldn’t find themselves where they are now.

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How to Get Approved for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

You should also be aware of the fact that, on your own, you may not be able to find a dealer in your area that offers bad credit car sales.

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Finance Tips for Bad Credit Auto Loans

While most dealers are upfront when it comes to selling you a car, there will always be a few dealers that attempt to trick buyers into paying for additional products and services they really don’t need when signing up for a problem credit auto loan.

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