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How Long to Wait after Bankruptcy before Applying for a Car Loan

Lenders see a bankruptcy as a big black mark on your credit report, so is there any point in applying for a car loan right after your discharge?

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How Filing Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit

Consumers with problem credit often want to know how a bankruptcy will affect their chances of applying for an auto loan.

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How to Get a Good Auto Loan after Bankruptcy

For car buyers who have gone through some type of bankruptcy and now have generally poor credit, believe it or not this is actually a good time to apply for an auto loan instead of heading to the local BHPH car dealership.

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Latest ABI Report Positive News for Bad Credit Buyers

At Auto Credit Express, we see that the American Bankruptcy Institute has just released its November report on bankruptcy filings – a report in which the executive director states is “perhaps a positive step” for American consumers.

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Authorized Users and Bad Credit Auto Loans

One particular method is legal and, while it won’t help you reestablish your auto credit, being added as an authorized user on a credit card account can raise your credit scores in a very short time.

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Bad Credit Car Loans with Instant Credit Approval

It would seem like the easiest way for consumers with bad credit to obtain a car loan is by applying for bad credit car loans with instant approval.

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Why a Bad Credit Car Loan May Be Needed

Many credit challenged consumers may actually need a bad credit auto loan in order to build up their credit and eventually qualify for more affordable interest rates.

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