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We Finance Everyone Bad Credit Auto Loans

The key to a successful bad credit car loan also means focusing on the basics. In this case, it means wading through the different types of offers that appear in internet search results in order to find the right kind of opportunity that will allow you to reestablish your car credit.

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Why a Bad Credit Car Loan May Be Needed

Many credit challenged consumers may actually need a bad credit auto loan in order to build up their credit and eventually qualify for more affordable interest rates.

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Kia New Car Incentives for Bad Credit Buyers

Bad credit car loan customers can take advantage of new car incentives on some affordable vehicles from Kia to keep their monthly payments and interest expenses down.

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Negative Equity Bad Credit Auto Loans

Trading in a vehicle with negative equity should be avoided and this situation can be made even worse if you are attempting to finance your next vehicle with a bad credit auto loan.

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More Credit Resolutions for 2010

Last year the TrueCredit division of TransUnion offered five ways in which consumers could improve their credit scores that are still applicable this year.

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Gap Insurance and Bad Credit Loans

Is gap insurance or are any of the myriad dealer adds worth the price of admission when financing with a bad credit auto loan

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Choosing a Bad Credit or Buy Here Pay Here Car Loan

There are fundamental differences between a bad credit car loan obtained through a franchised new car dealer and the type of loan offered by tote the note used car lots.

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