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The Process of Buying a Car When You Have Bad Credit

Credit scores play a large roll in determining your approval and loan terms when applying for auto financing, so if you have bad credit scores how can you finance a vehicle?

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Auto Loans for People with Bad Credit and No Cosigner Exist

You can get a car loan with bad credit at your local dealership, but what about a bad credit auto loan without a cosigner? At Auto Credit Express we can get you approved in minutes.

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Buy Here Pay Here Alternatives

Car buyers with problem credit that need an auto loan are often unaware of the differences between the loan programs offered by new car dealers with effective special finance departments and those offered at smaller tote the note car lots.

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Explaining Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers

What’s the difference between buy here pay here car dealerships and traditional dealers? In most cases, very little. In fact, a growing number of traditional new and used car dealers have begun to offer services normally associated with tote the note car dealerships.

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GM Financial Good News for Bad Credit Auto Loan Customers

Although AmeriCredit currently has relationships with 4,000 General Motors dealers, buyers with bad credit might now have an easier time getting financed at a GM dealer.

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Car Dealers where You can Get Approved for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

One of the biggest obstacles to getting approved if you have bad credit is finding a car dealer that specializes in car loans with bad credit.

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