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Understanding Car Loan Calculators

Here at Auto Credit Express we’ve spent the past two decades helping car shoppers with bad credit that are looking for online car loans locate those dealers where they more often than not will find their best chances for car loan approvals.

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Auto Loan Calculator for Poor Credit Buyers

While an applicant’s FICO scores will determine the type of car loan they’ll get, their income when compared to their expenses will determine whether they’ll qualify for a loan as well as the payment range where they’ll be placed.

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More Credit Resolutions for 2010

Last year the TrueCredit division of TransUnion offered five ways in which consumers could improve their credit scores that are still applicable this year.

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Bad Credit Car Loans and New Authorized User Rules

New credit report practices have again changed the rules regarding authorized users on credit card accounts.

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Car Loans and Your Credit after Bankruptcy

A discharged bankruptcy can mark the beginning of an improved FICO score if you go about reestablishing your credit in the right way.

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Bad Credit Car Loans and Your Credit Report

The type of bad credit you have is as important as your FICO score if you are applying for a subprime car loan.

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How to Deal with Negative Equity

Seventeen years ago it was not a problem but now many bad credit customers are facing the same negative equity issues as traditional car buyers.

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