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Your Credit may be Better than it Looks

Borrowers with deficient credit sometimes often don’t understand that checking their credit reports before applying for an auto loan could save them money.

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Improve a Poor Credit Score

Most consumers with problem credit who receive auto loan approvals through our dealer network could raise their FICO scores even more by using a credit monitoring service.

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Identifying Information on your Credit Report

For car buyers with poor credit, understanding the type of information that can be found in their credit reports, although not as critical as knowing the actual information, may help to explain why they don’t qualify for a traditional auto loan.

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How to Look Up a Credit Report with Poor Credit

Car buyers with problem credit should be aware of just what is and is not contained in all three of their credit reports before beginning the application process for a car loan.

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How Hard Is It to Get an Auto Loan

Car buyers with problem credit might want to know about a special version of their credit report that makes it easier for both car dealers and lenders to view the history of their car credit.

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FTC Report Shows Your Credit Scores Could Be Wrong

Consumers with questionable credit sometimes fail to realize that monitoring their credit reports could make a big difference when it comes time to apply for car loans.

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The Information Included in a Credit Report

For car buyers applying for high risk car loans understanding the kinds of information that can be found in credit reports is almost as important as knowing the actual information that is in their credit reports – notice we said “almost.”

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