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Cosigned Loans Can be a Hassle in Divorce

Getting a divorce is never soemthing that is planned, so having your spouse on your vehicle loan seems like no big deal, but when the inevitable hits it could mean disaster.

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Paying Your Car Loan Off Early

When your car loan is coming to an end, many people opt to pay it off early—but what are the benefits of doing this, and are there any disadvantages?

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Quick Changes on Your Insurance Policy Could Save You Hundreds

You could be throwing away hundreds of dollars every year to your auto insurance company, learn how to save big, and put that money back into your pocket!

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Why Your Credit Scores May Differ

We continue to be surprised by the fact that quite a few borrowers with damaged credit still don’t understand why the credit scores used by car dealers often aren’t the same as the one they think they have.

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The Credit Scores Needed to Lease a Car

At Auto Credit Express, where we primarily deal with car loans, applicants with bad credit sometimes ask us, “What credit score do you need to lease a car?”

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Car Leasing with Poor Credit

Consumers with bad credit often either don’t know the different types of credit scores, what these numbers mean or even what their credit scores or even what they are before applying for an auto loan.

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Car Finance with Bad Credit and Unemployed

While the best things in life are not always free at least in this case it happens to be true even for car shoppers with problem credit that want to know where they stand before applying for an auto loan.

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