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How Credit Inquiries Affect FICO Scores

it’s especially important that consumers with poor credit understand the impact that traveling from dealer to dealer or submitting multiple online car loan applications and the credit inquiries that follow will have on their FICO scores.

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What Impacts FICO Scores

Consumers with credit problems probably know that not paying their bills on time or at all can lower their FICO scores but in addition to this how credit is used can also affect that all-important three digit number.

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How Inquiries Affect FICO Scores

Car buyers with bad credit who are in the process of applying for a loan should understand how this will affect their FICO scores.

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Why Credit Scores are Different

Credit-challenged car buyers often don’t understand why their credit scores can change from bureau to bureau.

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Understanding your FICO Scores

People with less than perfect credit need to understand how different credit uses can affect those all-important FICO scores.

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Why your Credit Scores are Different

Ever wonder why your credit scores from each of the credit bureaus are different?

Even consumers with bad credit that need terrible credit auto loans ask us this question here at Auto Credit Express where we’ve spent nearly twenty years in bad credit auto sales.

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New Regulations to Help Poor Credit Car Loans Applicants

As part of the financial reform bill that will take effect on July 21st, any lender that sends you a notice following either a credit denial or an approval with an interest rate higher than their best one must include the credit score that was used in making the credit decision.

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