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Car Thieves Beware: We’re Learning How to Keep our Vehicles Out of Your Hands

Locking your doors is just not enough to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Don’t let yourself be the next victim of a carjacking this busy Holiday season.

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How to Avoid Identity Theft

The report released by Experian back in 2009 analyzed the rate of identity fraud across various credit score ranges. It also establishes a clear correlation between excellent credit scores (for both individuals and businesses) and “the propensity for identity fraud victimization.”

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The Cost of Free WiFi

Car buyers hoping to repair their poor credit with an auto loan should be aware of some of the latest tactics used by skilled identity thieves.

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Identity Theft Credit Repair

Even as consumers with problem credit rebuild their credit with an auto loan there’s an increasing chance that their personal information could be hijacked.

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Qualify for a Car Loan

Here at Auto Credit Express we try to stress to our applicants, most of whom have questionable credit, that as their FICO scores improve due to timely payments on their auto loans, so do their chances of becoming victims of identity theft.

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Credit Repair Damage Goes Wireless

passing along some tips we recently came across in an article from FICO that discussed this very issue. Here are some excerpts

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How Consumers with Credit Problems can Avoid Identity Theft

Something else we’ve also wondered about: if a good credit score means more opportunities for credit thieves while a poor one doesn’t, how do fraudsters know the difference? As it turns out, they probably don’t.

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