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Get a Car Loan with No Credit

For car shoppers with past problem credit or even those with absolutely no auto credit at all (that is, they’ve never had a car loan) where they decide to apply for one can often mean the difference between a loan approval and a credit denial.

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Avoid Some Easy Car Loans for No Credit Offers

Car shoppers looking for easy car loans for no credit typically don’t encounter many of the auto loan issues we’ll be discussing today mainly because these buyers don’t purchase vehicles through private sellers. But it’s also a big reason why we recommend purchasing and financing a vehicle through a licensed new car dealer.

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How to Buy a Car with No Credit

Unlike the older cars sitting on BHPH car lots, the vehicles that subprime auto lenders generally finance are newer and require higher levels of insurance coverage. In addition to that, car buyers with problem credit should also include in their budgets all the other expenses involved before signing on the dotted line for an auto loan.

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