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How to Buy a New Car with Poor Credit

One of the keys to successfully completing the auto loan process for consumers with questionable credit is an understanding of the total cost of vehicle ownership.

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Get a Car on Finance with Questionable Credit

Car shoppers with problem credit will find some good news in the most recent data from Equifax if they’re contemplating applying for an auto loan in the near future.

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The Chances of Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit

Car buyers with bad credit often have difficulty locating the right kind of car dealers that are willing to help them.

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Online Car Loan Scams Go Mobile

Like many neighborhoods there are thieves hoping to take advantage of the unwary. But instead of ripping off flat screen televisions these people are more than content to steal an individual’s private information so they can assume that identity. Down the road this can make it difficult even for those with bad credit to qualify for an auto loan

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How to Buy a Used Car with No Credit

Car shoppers with questionable credit often believe that one used car lot is the same as another when it comes to applying for an auto loan. The problem with this is if these consumers don’t want to be in the same credit situation the next time they need a car they’ll need to get a bit choosier.

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How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit in 2013

Consumers with a recent history of problem credit are still having difficulty finding anything other than local BHPH (buy here pay here) car lots that are willing to finance them.

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Looking to Get Another Car

At Auto Credit Express our job is to help people with credit problems find dealers for their best chances at approved auto loans. We know this can be

a fairly expensive undertaking since most high risk car loans typically come with higher interest rates.

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