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The Process of Buying a Car When You Have Bad Credit

Credit scores play a large roll in determining your approval and loan terms when applying for auto financing, so if you have bad credit scores how can you finance a vehicle?

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Auto Loans for People with Bad Credit and No Cosigner Exist

You can get a car loan with bad credit at your local dealership, but what about a bad credit auto loan without a cosigner? At Auto Credit Express we can get you approved in minutes.

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Better Ford Certified Used Car Program Helps Poor Credit Buyers

Although Ford’s certified used car program fails to cover vehicles from other manufacturers, the announcement late last summer that the company had partnered with Carfax to provide vehicle history reports is a step in the right direction for consumers with questionable credit searching for online auto loans.

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How Hard is it to Get a Car Loan

We are often asked by car shoppers with poor credit, “How hard is it to get a car loan?”

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How to Avoid Financing Flood Damaged Cars with Poor Credit Auto Loans

Knowing that people with credit problems are especially susceptible to buying cars that may have hidden damage, it’s important that they know how to tell if the car they are considering financing falls into this category.

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What Impacts FICO Scores

Consumers with credit problems probably know that not paying their bills on time or at all can lower their FICO scores but in addition to this how credit is used can also affect that all-important three digit number.

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How to Finance a New Car with Poor Credit

The high risk car lenders that typically do business through franchised car dealers sometimes offer applicants the choice of financing vehicles other than low mileage used cars.

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