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How to Get a Good Auto Loan

Car buyers that have experienced problem credit will typically choose to finance a used car because typically they’re less expensive than a new vehicle.

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More on How to Buy Used Car No Credit Auto Insurance

In our experience too few car buyers with problem credit understand the importance of saving in other areas to help offset the higher interest rates typical of the auto loans offered by high risk lenders.

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Buying a Car with No Credit History

Car shoppers that have experienced problem credit with either a slim credit file or one that contains mistakes can increase their chances of car loan approvals by having the inaccuracies removed and having accounts corrected before beginning the application process.

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Certified Used Cars and Questionable Credit Buyers

Credit challenged car shoppers often have a choice when it comes to picking out which used car to finance. That’s because, in many cases, even buyers with poor credit who have received an approval for a car loan are given the choice of either a regular used car or a certified used car.

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An Additional Step to Credit Repair

Consumers with poor credit should know that there is at least one step they can take in addition to a car loan to improve their FICO scores.

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Evading Flood Damaged Cars

It’s a fact. According to Experian Automotive consumers with questionable credit have a higher risk of financing a car that has suffered some type of water damage. It would therefore especially benefit them if they learned how to spot these types of vehicles.

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Selling and Paying Off a Repossession

Vehicle repossession is never a good thing. In fact, having your car repossessed is one of the worst things that can happen to you as far as lenders are concerned.

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