We're all guilty of doing more behind the wheel than we should. But what happens when drivers try to handle multiple tasks while on the road? Disaster.

In today's world, there are so many things going on and it always feels like we don't have enough time to do all of them. The result is that many have taken it upon themselves to become multi-taskers; many people even think that they are masters of time management.

Unfortunately, this means that there are more people out on the road trying to do more than simply keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Distracted Driving is Deadly Driving

The Causes of Hazardous Driving

Heading out on the road is stressful enough when you are running late. Perhaps you alleviate this stress by attempting to make up time on your way to work or school by trying to reply to messages or emails during the trip. There are so many tasks that we all try to complete from the driver's seat, and this is a list of what you shouldn't be doing when behind the wheel.

  • Texting - This issue has become more prevalent as we progress further into the age of technology. It is simple; texting and driving don't mix -- ever. It takes your eyes off the road and endangers everyone in your vehicle as well as the other drivers and pedestrians around you. Be a safer driver and just avoid the distractions.
  • Replying to emails - As with texting, do you really want to put yourself and others at risk to reply to a simple email can wait?
  • Spiffing up - Sometimes we run behind and feel like the only time to catch up is on the road. Doing your makeup and fixing your hair are fairly involved tasks that require your attention. You know what else requires focused attention? Your 4,000 pound vehicle. While you are busy making that final adjustment to your hair, is it really worth the risk of losing control of your car and turning it into a deadly weapon? The doctors may need to spend more time fixing your body parts.
  • Eating and drinking - Okay, maybe it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to take a sip from your drink, but if it spills…that could cause a mess, not only to the interior of your car and your clothes - but on the road around you when you fail to brake or spin out and make a mess of other people's lives as well.
  • Making phone calls - Having a heated conversation with a friend or family member is something that is best left for when you aren't in the driver's seat. Driving badly and hitting someone will have more than just that person yelling at you.

As We See It

Anything that keeps you from being focused on the road is a big no-no. You just bought that car, so why would you want to trash it? We here at Auto Credit Express helped you get into that vehicle, and we want to help you keep it and yourself in the best condition possible. Focus on the road just as well as you focused on getting approved for the financing on your car. Stay safe!