Although the term was not coined until after WW1, the first vehicles considered sports cars were the 1910 Prince Henry Vauxhall and Austro-Daimler.

Theses two vehicles may not have had the most aerodynamic bodies, but they were the first of many to make these 'horse-less carriages' into the sports cars we know and love today.

Many innovations from the vehicles then are still prevalent today. Read on for more information!

Throw Back Thursday - Then Vs. Now

The First Sports Cars

An important aspect of every sport car design is the drive train and engine layout; this is true during any era.

Many vehicles then and now had vehicles with a front-engine, rear-wheel design. This is still the most common layout in not only sporty type vehicles, but on nearly every vehicle on the road today.

Automakers have searched for ways of improvement and that was evident very early on; especially when new layouts became popular.

Rear-Mid-Engine, Rear-Wheel

In this layout, you'll find the engine towards the center of the vehicle. Typically it would be located closely behind the driver. It powers only the rear wheels of the car. You'll find that today, some high performance makes like Ferrari and Lamborghini still prefer this layout.

Rear-Engine, Real-Wheel

One of the few manufactures that still use this layout is Porche. The engine';s weight is placed on the rear wheel, and while it provides great traction, it could cause some steering errors too.

Luckily, today Porche has electronic support to help drivers maintain control of their vehicle on the roads.

Front-Engine, Front-Wheel p>This layout has become most common in cars, however is not really used in sports cars. It's good for light vehicles that don't put out a ton of power. It also avoids the extra weight that most sports cars usually have also.

Getting Better All the Time

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