Now that winter has hit us, roads are becoming slicker and windshields are getting dirtier. Safe driving – which has always been key – just became even more imperative. So, in order to stay safe through these winter months and keep you and your new car in one piece, we here at Auto Credit Express have some tips for being a safe driver and avoiding distraction.

Keeping yourself and others safe this winter season

Texting & Driving: Don't do it. Our phones serve as an instantaneous link to everything social, another piece of technology that constantly vies for our attention. Attempting to type, read or send messages from your mobile phone while operating a moving automobile is extremely dangerous. Texting while driving is a hazard that has rapidly risen in profile over the last decade and has resulted in unfortunate incidents where drivers and passengers were either injured or killed because the person who was operating the vehicle was on their phone and not paying attention to the road. Studies have shown that this activity is just as bad as driving while drunk. If you absolutely need to respond to that text, pull over and stop first.

Don't eat, drink and drive: Trying to eat that burger without staining your clothing? Try sitting down at a table, or at least find a place to park. Yes, we are all on the go these days, but is that burger worth a collision and potential injury? I highly doubt it. Keep your hot coffee in the cup holder and your hands on the wheel – don't worry, that 200 degree beverage will still be piping hot when you get to the office in five minutes.

Other things to keep your eyes on before you head out in the winter muck


  • Keep that wiper fluid full: If you're noticing that your wiper fluid is getting low, make a stop at the next gas station and fill it up. You don't want to increase your risk of an accident because your windshield was gunked up from all the road slush and salt to see the car braking in front of you, or that animal that is in the middle of the road. You're just tempting fate.
  • Proper tire inflation: Make sure your tires are in good condition and properly inflated. When the climate changes, it can dramatically affect your tire pressure. If not properly inflated, you will not get the correct kind of traction and handling you should have. It will affect your stopping time and increase the chance of an accident on those slippery roads.

At the end of the day, nothing has replaced the human eye. It is the best tool we have to keep ourselves safe when operating a motorized vehicle. We at Auto Credit Express hope you'll keep all of these things in mind, and you can stay safe this winter season.