Applying for a car loan can be especially difficult if you have a history of credit problems. One particularly helpful web site is

Do you need a car?

Are you in the market for a new or used car? More importantly, are you having difficulty finding a dealer willing to work with you and a lender that is willing to finance you? If that's the case, then the finance experts at can help you.

Have you tried getting financed at a dealer?

Have you been turned down at a local dealer? If you have, you now realize that even if a dealer says you can apply for a bad credit auto loan while you're there, it doesn't mean that they can get you financed. Many of these dealers only pay lip service to bad credit car loans and the results can cause a further drop your credit score. Here's why:

Every time you apply for credit, an inquiry appears on your credit score. If you have too many inquiries in a short period of time, for instance one month, the credit bureau will probably report a lower FICO score. But there is a way to avoid this situation: apply online at

How Auto Credit Express can help you

At Auto Credit Express, we are experts when it comes to bad credit auto financing. We believe in helping people with bad credit get back on their feet with an auto loan for a new car, or a low-mileage, quality used car. All of our bad credit auto loans are processed through our nationwide network of auto retailers that do more than just talk about bad credit car loans – they specialize in financing customers with credit problems.

This means that if you've had a bankruptcy, slow pay, repossession or other bad credit issues, these dealers can give you the opportunity to drive a quality vehicle and reestablish your credit at the same time. Because they understand the bad credit car customer, you will be treated with the same respect as all of their customers – something that you may not have experienced if you've been turned down at a local dealer that doesn't understand your current situation. Not only will you be treated with consideration, the process is quick and easy – you could be approved for your next car in less than 5 minutes!

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For years, Auto Credit Express has been helping people with credit problems get approved for new and used car loans. Our affiliate dealers work with the leading subprime lenders to get you approved. Your credit report will get checked by the dealer, but once you're approved, each month you make your car payment you are rebuilding your credit score and reestablishing your financial future.

Unlike many other services, we belong to the Better Business Bureau and our web site is SSL secured, ensuring the privacy of your personal information. Since our inception, we have processed over 1,000,000 online bad credit auto loans and closed over 1 Billion dollars in auto loans.

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