Do you remember your first car? There is a good chance that you do, but what do you recall about the tires on that vehicle? If not a lot comes to mind, you are certainly not alone. It is (sadly) not uncommon for young drivers to neglect their tires.

Knowing the Basics

In a recent survey commissioned by Michelin North America, it was revealed that more than half of Americans (58%) got their first car before the age of 18. And when thinking about that first car, 33% of drivers don't remember being familiar with how to maintain their tires, while 53% report not having kept a tire pressure gauge in the glove box. This is bad news for young people.

  • Poor tread can lead to accidents. safety, tire maintenance, car tipsIf tire tread gets too worn down, your car's ability to stay on the road is compromised, and you will be more susceptible to slipping on ice, wet, or faulty pavement. At a certain point, tires with damaged tread may simply come apart, and this could lead to a horrible accident if it occurs on a car that is moving at 70 miles an hour on a busy highway.
  • Pressure is important. Your tires should always have the optimal amount of air in them. With too much tire pressure, less of the tire touches the ground, causing the vehicle to bounce along the road. When this happens, your ability to stop quickly is impaired. And if there is too little pressure in your tires, too much of the tire surface area touches the road, causing friction and wearing away tread.

Awareness and Accident Prevention

Young, inexperienced drivers are already at risk on the road, and ill-maintained tires will only exacerbate this issue. Learning a few simple tips will save any driver from unnecessary trouble down the road.

  • Be careful when buying a used car. Make sure that the tires are in good shape. Your bargain ride may not end up being such a good deal if the tires are shot and in need of immediate replacement.
  • Buy a pressure gauge and use it. These devices are inexpensive but valuable tools to have. With regular checking, you can always be sure that your tire pressure is exactly right.
  • Keep an eye on the tread on your tires. Unfortunately, most roads are not exactly tire-friendly. And because they wear down over time, it is important to be aware of when your tires are no longer safe. It can be expensive to replace tires, but it will be far more expensive to purchase a whole new vehicle if yours is totaled due to worn out rubber.

Financing Your First

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