Credit Karma to begin the rollout of Equifax credit scores and credit reports in addition to those they already offer available from TransUnion

When Free Really Means Free

Twice the Karma for your Credit

When it comes to the words "free credit report", many so called "free" services will leave you monitoring your credit card statements for extra charges instead of your credit report. But that hasn't proven true with the San Francisco-based which long provided users with free access to their TransUnion credit scores.

And now Credit Karma is doubling their free credit goodness by adding Equifax credit scores and reports to their users.

Even Better Credit Karma

As you may already know, everyone is entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the major credit reporting agencies (CRAs) through But if you needed another update, or wanted periodic updates, you had to pay for it. Often to the tune of $15.95 or more per month for signing up for a combination of services.

Starting in 2008 however, the San Francisco-based began with the idea of enabling "consumers to obtain their TransUnion credit scores at no cost." People could now get free periodic updates of their credit report from one of the three main credit bureaus for the cost of being pitched better rates from competing lenders from who Credit Karma received a commission.

Of course since all three credit bureaus score your credit differently, Credit Karma users until recently could only check their TransUnion credit score. Now however, Credit Karma has begun "(a) phased rollout of newly added Equifax credit scores and reports" to account holders, doubling the amount of insight they have into their credit profile.

"Historically, getting your credit scores or reports from more than one bureau for free on more than an annual basis can be complicated, yet access to this information is critical for consumers," said Ken Lin, CEO and founder of Credit Karma. "... having it come from two of the major credit bureaus – seriously advances our mission of helping consumers understand their financial health."

The Bottom Line

Two free credit scores are more than twice as good as one and should give borrowers an idea of where they stand, credit-wise. Credit Karma users can now even put their TransUnion and Equifax scores side by side and comparing them for potential problems in their credit scores.

Given how important a factor credit scores play to be approved for an auto loan any tool that can help you improve your score is a good one, and a free one is even better! Of course this shouldn't come as a shock to long time readers, as we've long been a fan.