Unlike a tote the note dealer you can actually improve your credit with poor credit car loans offered by many new car dealers

How we know it works

People with poor credit often don't understand that they can get their auto credit back on track with a bad credit auto loan.

We've seen this many times in the nearly twenty years we've been involved in bad credit auto sales here at Auto Credit Express.

The fact is, our web site shows you why a tote the note loan won't raise your credit scores and it explains the horrible credit auto loans process so you can avoid of many of the mistakes that lead to repossession.

Credit scores

At this time, there are lenders out there willing to help those with poor credit who at one time may have had good credit. This is especially true if one or two events can be identified that could've led to bad credit.

Signing up for terrible credit auto loans gives these people the opportunity to improve their FICO scores while reestablishing their car credit. If this is your decision, here are a few things to consider:

•    Your first auto loan following a drop in your FICO scores will be at a higher (sometimes much higher) interest rate than you might be used to.
•    You'll qualify for a better interest rate the next time if you make all your payments on time.
•    As with any car loan, negative equity might prevent you from refinancing or trading in your vehicle until you've at least reached the midpoint in the loan (i.e. 30 months for a 60 month loan).
•    If you fail to make loan payments on time, your credit scores will drop even further.

Poor credit car loan tips for success

Since re-establishing your car credit is the number one priority, we suggest you consider these tips:

•    Choose an inexpensive small to midsize new or used car
•    If at all possible, select a finance term of 48 months or less
•    If you have a choice of cars, check with your insurance company to see which might be less expensive to insure

By following this advice and financing an inexpensive vehicle for 36 to 48 months, you should be able to trade it in after 18 to 24 months. Financing a more expensive car for 60 or even 72 months means that even with an improved credit score after 18 months it will be nearly impossible to trade it in or refinance it because of the negative equity situation you'll be in.

By financing a less expensive car, you'll not only save money, it will allow you to switch to a better car or refinance at a lower interest rate much sooner.

The Bottom Line

Auto Credit Express helps people with bad credit find a dealer for their best chance at getting approved for a bad credit car.

So if you're serious about getting your car credit back on track, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loans application.