There is really no getting around it, the internet and social media have completely changed our shopping experience. Today we can buy everything from our clothing to appliances to food all from the comfort of our home. While there are some purchases we cannot make at home yet, we can use social media to power our research all aspects of our lives. At Auto Credit Express, we know that finding the best deal, best vehicle, and best value are all important to you. They're important to us too! So here are a few resources you can use online for your next purchase of a car, truck or even SUV.

Online Tools for Car Shopping

Using Social Media to Shop for Cars

Experts predict that our generation will make up 75% of car buyers in 2025. That means that the industry is constantly changing to keep up with our shopping habits. Right now it's online. In a few years it could be 3D holographic shopping for all we know. This means auto dealers have to constantly make sure they can reach us by having the appropriate technology and sites for us to use. However, sometimes the best information you can get is from other buyers out there too. Here are just a few sites that you can use to connect with others as you make your choice.

  • Yelp
    This great site contains nothing but reviews from users. It's primarily used for restaurants, but can be used for any business.
  • CitySearch
    While very similar to Yelp, this site has a wide variety of business profiles that are full reviews from people just like you.
  • InsiderPages
    This website is full of reviews written strictly by its users. This means you'll see the good and the bad of every business that's available.
  • Facebook
    Yup, even here you can find helpful reviews from friends, family or even strangers.

As We See It

Getting the full picture about a dealership and their service can certainly help you find a trustworthy and reliable auto dealer. However when it comes to shopping for bad credit auto financing we have all the answers you need regardless of your credit situation. When our team of professionals receive your completed online application, we will find a dealer in your local area that belong to our vast network of reputable dealers. They'll not only be able to help you, but are ready and willing to deal with any credit issues you may have, even bankruptcy auto loans. Apply today and be on the road to your next car, truck or SUV!