Active Duty members of military and armed forces reserve may qualify for incentives and benefits that others do not. This type of special financing is tailored to custom fit the needs and lifestyle of members of the armed services.

Saluting Our Military

What are the Benefits of a Military Auto Loan?

Military auto financing can provide you with more financial and credit opportunities in times when they are usually unavailable to others. They also offer ways to work with you during unique circumstances often presented in the military.

At Auto Credit Express, we have a lot of respect and gratitude to our fellow citizens that serve our great country and protect the people in it. That's why we offer an exclusive network of dealers and lenders that offer these loan opportunities for you today.

What Makes Military Auto Financing Different?

Being qualified for a military auto loan offers you several advantages over a traditional car loan. Lenders look at a few key factors to determine if a prospective borrower is a risk or not. The most important factors looked at are credit score, employment history and gross monthly income.

As an active member of the armed forces you have a couple of advantages automatically that other buyers frequently don't have:

  • Job Security:
    Considering your employer is the government, you have a stable job and source of income which leads me to my next point.
  • Stable Income:
    Your source of income will be seen as very reliable and lenders will know that you'll be paid on time, every time.

These factors help you get much better deals on an affordable auto loan. Even with a bad credit auto loan, you're likely to receive lower interest rates than you normally would. A reduction of just one or two points in interest rates can actually save you a lot of money in the long run.
Other Benefits

Members of the different military branches including Marines, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and others are often uprooted and relocated suddenly for extended periods of times. Most buyers do not have to deal with this and lenders recognize that. That's why they often are more lenient with military auto loans than they are with a regular car loan.

Lenders are more forgiving of poor credit scores as well. When you have to spend periods of time away from civilization and move frequently, it can be difficult to establish and maintain your credit. That's okay; lenders have lighter credit requirements for US military members.

Another advantage that lenders offer active member of the armed forces is not being required to have a US residence. There are many online applications that you can complete and still qualify for auto financing; even if you're half way around the world!

Get Started Today

Financing your next vehicle with a military auto loan opens you up to great benefits such as easier credit requirements, lower interest rates and an easier and faster approval.

We want to offer the men and women who fight for our country on a daily basis a simple and practical way to take care of the needs of their families too.

That's why Auto Credit express offers a fast and secure online finance application that only needs your basic information to get you on your way to finding affordable financing in your local area today.