You wake up in the morning and make your way to the kitchen for a cup of the good stuff - coffee. When you glance out of the window though, you get quite a shock. Toilet paper in the trees, egg remains on the window, and your beautiful car: spray-painted and keyed. This is probably not the wake up you expected or wanted. All too often it does happen though, so how do you deal with such an ugly scene?

Steps to Take After Vandalism

What To Do After Vandalism

While you can call 911 during the act of vandalism, what do you do after the vandalism has happened?

  1. The first thing you should do is call your counties non-emergency police number. While this may seem like a very important emergency to you, we don't want to hold up the police from saving lives.
  2. Make sure a police report is filed and that the damage is reported. You'll need this information for your insurance company too.
  3. Document all the damage you find. The police will do this too, but once they have completed their investigation at your property, take your own also. Keep them on file for insurance purposes and also to protect you in the future.
  4. File an insurance claim so that the cost of the damage will be covered. They may ask for a copy of the police report and may even send an agent to look at the vehicle itself depending on who your insurance is through. If they don't, the pictures you or the police take will help them see the extent of the damage.

Protect Your Car

If windows or paint were damaged, you'll want to protect your vehicle from the weather until it's repaired. While garbage bags in the windows may look ridiculous, you don't want to have soggy, moldy carpets on top of everything else. Either cover up with damaged areas with plastic and tape, or you can keep your vehicle stored in a garage or other dry place.

In some cases, the damage repairs may cost more than your vehicle is worth. In these situations, your insurance company may deem your vehicle totaled and will only give you money up to what your vehicle is actually worth. At this point, you may want to decide on purchasing a newer vehicle; perhaps one with enhanced alarm systems. Our team here at Auto Credit Express can help you find a dealer in your area that will help you out even if your credit is as damaged as much as your car. Simply complete our hassle-free application and soon you'll be driving a newer vehicle that can alert you when something is wrong next time.