Probably the last thing you ever want or expect is to be pulled over by the police. But when our minds occasionally wonder off we tend to speed and sometimes we get caught. Here at Auto Credit Express, we hope you'll stay focused on the road, but if you do see those lights flashing in the review mirror there are a few things to keep in mind.

5 Steps To Follow If The Police Flag You Down

If you ever are pulled over by the cops, here are some tips to help the situation go quicker and smoothly.

  1. Keep your documents in one, easy to reach place.
    You'll want to be sure that your license, registration and insurance are all up-to-date and together in a safe place that you can easily reach from your seat such as the glove box or clipped to your visor
  2. Pull to the right promptly and safely.
    The right side of the road is the safest place for you and the officer. You'll want to pull over as far as you can, but as quickly and as safely as you can. Don't coast or keep driving as you may cause the situation to escalate.
  3. Put your hands in a visible place and wait.
    You want the officer to not feel threatened when they approach your vehicle. So stay in your vehicle and have your hands where they are visible. If it's night, turning on your interior lights will go a long way to make both you and the officer feel safer.
  4. Keep a cool head.
    Giving the officer a bad attitude will only result in getting you on his or her bad side. Be respectful and courteous. If you get a ticket, just take it. You can dispute it in traffic court later if you feel it is undeserved.
  5. Pull away calmly.
    Even if you are ticked off, drive away from the scene safely. You could just cause yourself to get another ticket if you tear away from the scene erratically.

As We See It

Sometimes things happen that we don't expect or even want. Just like getting pulled over, low credit or bad credit is something we dread when trying to purchase an automobile. At Auto Credit Express though, we can help! Easily complete our online application and we will find a dealer for you in your local area that will finance you.

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