Rain, snow and even fog can cause big problems on the highways. When your driving is handicapped due to nature, it's best to just take it slow.

While it's true that here at Auto Credit Express we can help get you pick up the pieces and get you back on the road after an accident with auto loans for everyone from good to bad credit, we prefer it when our customers can take their time and plan for their future. So we want to remind everyone to drive safe during this turbulent spring weather.

Bad Weather Tips

What to Do When Bad Weather Affects the Roads

It can be difficult to drive safely when you vision is impaired due to conditions that render your wipers and headlights useless. But there are a few things you can keep in mind before and during your ventures on the road in less than perfect conditions.

To Wait or Not To Wait

As tempting as it may be to do otherwise, sometimes it's a much better choice to wait out the weather. If you haven't left yet, check out what the weather reports say and see how soon it may be okay to leave.

If you're already on the roads and the weather begins to deteriorate, consider finding an exit or another safe area to pull off. Have your lights or hazards on so other drivers can see you. Refrain from using your brights though; you don't want to blind other drivers.

Slow and Steady

It doesn't matter where you are heading or even what your schedule looks like. In conditions that are less than perfect on the roads, rushing is never your best option.

Don't rush when weather can cause a greater risk of accidents; you'll likely cause one. Make sure that you are giving the drivers around you space too; you'll never know when they'll need to break suddenly.

Be Ready

While we certainly never hope to be stuck on the roads, it does happen. Be prepared for any situation you come across on the roads.

Some things you will always want to keep in your vehicle are:

  • Bottled Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Insurance Information
  • Charged Cell Phone

There are many more things that you may decide to keep in you vehicle for emergency situations; but those should be the basics.

It's important for you to be able to care of yourself until help comes; which is what the water and first aid will help with. Also, keeping a charged phone in your vehicle will mean that you'll have a way to reach out for help when you need it.

As We See It

It is quite frightening when you suddenly feel like you're driving blindly through an obstacle course. While we don't have the ability to change the weather that fits our convenience, at least we can be prepared and practice safer driving.

Sometimes just having a vehicle that's built to handle a variety of hazardous conditions can make all the difference. Everyone deserves to have that safety and security, so don't let a bank tell you your credit doesn't afford you that. Take a couple of minutes to complete our simple application and we'll prove them wrong for you.