Today's innovative industries have become a breeding ground for some pretty exciting technology that many of us have only seen imagined on television. We may not be at the age of teleporting, but we are certainly accelerating closer to the reality every day. The need and desire for quick, almost instant transportation has never died down. However, the call for better safety features is always loud enough to hear. With that in mind, many of the vehicles built today have safety in mind just as much as speed and other flashy features. So what exactly does the future hold for cars, trucks and SUV's? Read on to find out!

Five Future Features You'll Likely See

While we never know for sure what the automakers have in store for their consumers, some of these features listed below have already made major waves in the industry today. In fact, a couple of these features are already in the final stages of their design and have even been tested on the roads.

  1. Communicating Cars
    This feature is being heavily researched by not only manufacturers, but the government too. Future vehicles would be able to not only communicate with the cars around it, but also the road. Talk about real time traffic updates.
  2. Self Driving Cars
    Getting a lot of media attention recently is the advent of self driving vehicles. While they have already had models out on the road that drive themselves very successfully, it will be a bit longer until this is ready for the general public.
  3. AR Dashboards
    Similar to the high tech consoles we see in our favorite sci-fi flicks, your future car may have an Augmented Reality (or AR) dashboard. This could look something like having different information visible for your destination such as weather, traffic, events, restaurants, etc.
  4. Airbags that Stop Your Car
    Today's new automobiles have airbags in the car just about every where you can think of. The car of tomorrow may have airbags on the outside of the vehicle to prevent and lighten the impact of an accident.
  5. Energy Storing Body Panels
    This feature is still being researched by automakers in Europe today. The hope is that with creating body panels that store energy, we can eventually replace the bulky battery that's just a big inconvenience

As We See It

While many of these features are not yet available, there are still plenty more that you can have access to now. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe on the roads is always important. That's why at Auto Credit Express, we work hard to make sure that everyone has an equal chance to get the vehicle that not only gets them from point A to point B, but also does it safely. Don't let things like bad credit or lack of a down payment hold you back from getting the car, truck or SUV that you and your family needs. Apply today for an auto loan and find out exactly what options we have available for you. No matter how bad your credit may be, we can help people of all credit histories get into a car. It will only take a few moments to improve your quality of life now.