The warmer temperatures bring more and more people out car shopping every year, but just because the weather is warm, is now the best time to buy a car?

That answer can depend in part if you're buying a new car or a used car. New cars operate on model years, and the end of a model year is generally at the end of the summer and into fall which can make that the ideal time to shop for specials. However it's not the only time to shop for your next ride, and of course there are times when its best to used car shop as well!

Timing Matters


Besides buying a new car in late fall or early summer, there are other opportunities for those looking to save some money on their next vehicle. Of course there are end of the year car sales as well, as both new and used car dealers look to score a few last minute car deals to pad to their end of year numbers but that's so far away! Instead, if you're looking to buy a car now in spring and early summer, our advice here at AutoCreditExpress is to watch your timing.

Major holidays are always a good time to circle your calendar and look at the car deals. Memorial Day car sales should start up just before May 26th and continue until the end of the month, and of course 4th of July car sales should help close out June and extend into early July. Even used car dealers will attempt to get in on the act, as they know that the days people have off, they are more likely to car shop.

Of course what can you do if you just cannot wait until certain holidays roll around, or until the seasons turn? Well the best time to make a serious offer on a car is late. Late in the day or late in the month are especially effective but only if you're serious. Do your tire kicking before hand so you know if you want a new or used car, what kind, or if you need to do any research like the differences between leasing and buying a car.

But if you're serious or already have your mind made up on what you want then you'll find extra leverage when sales people are at their weakest. That is of course when they're trying to meet their numbers the end of the month, or by cornering them at the end of the day! Afraid to let a deal slip away but not having the full amount of time they normally would to play games with you, dealerships will often be willing to cut you a deal rather then let you get away.

Time to Get Auto Financing

Of course for some, just because it's the best time to buy a car, doesn't always mean they have the savings built up to take advantage of the deals. That's when it's a good time to start looking for affordable auto financing and Auto Credit Express is here to help! Or nationwide network of dealerships means we have connections all across the United States, and even Canada, so if you are having a hard time finding the final financial pieces necessary to take advantage of the best car deals then we can help, especially if you have poor or even bad credit.

Our quick online auto loan application will be key to gaining the expert support we can provide and the nationwide network that will find you the best dealer in your area. Don't worry if your credit is a little lower than you'd like; you'll find our dealers can help you no matter what your current financial status is.