It's time for turkey and football. It's also the time of year to stop and think about what you are truly grateful for in life. That's what Thanksgiving is really all about. Here at Auto Credit Express, we are thankful for our customers. We are happy that we are able to help people get the cars they need for work, school and everyday activities. And it seems that our customers are glad to have us around too.

These are real statements from actual Auto Credit Express clients:

"Excellent service and everyone has been so nice."

"I had no idea where to turn and Auto Credit Express saved my life. I had lost my car due to the cruel actions of a family member and didn't know where to start or go, and Auto Credit Express pointed me in the direction of my brand new car. Now, instead of my life being over, I have a brand new start."

"So, you see, I was in and out in less than 3 hrs, and drove away in a newer, gorgeous car with a credit rating lower (580) than it's ever been. That's exceptional! And Auto Credit Express was true to their word!"

"All in all, this total experience has been wonderful! Thank you!"

So, how are we able to earn such glowing feedback from our customers? We truly care about their needs, do everything we can to help and make it our job to ensure their car buying success. This is exactly what you should expect when you apply with Auto Credit Express.

Buying a Car with Bad Credit

If you have damaged credit and discover that you need to purchase a vehicle, the odds against you can seem insurmountable. You may face rejection after rejection when applying for financing, to the point where you just feel like giving up, but there is hope for bad credit car buyers. You simply need to find a dealer who is qualified to work with your situation, and Auto Credit Express can quickly match you with this kind of dealer.

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  • Apply online.
    You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to start the car buying process. You can even fill out our completely secure application while you're watching the big game on Thanksgiving Day. What else are you going to do during the commercials?
  • Speak to a friendly service representative.
    One of our highly trained and experienced call center representatives will contact you to get a little more information and to answer any questions that you may have. After that, they will set up a meeting between you and the dealer in your area who is the most qualified to work with your unique credit situation.
  • Meet with your dealer.
    This will be an easy meeting because your dealer will already be aware of your financial needs. While at the dealership, you will choose your car, truck or SUV from a selection of affordable and reliable vehicles.
  • Sign the papers and drive away.
    Once you've decided on a car that suits your needs and budget, only a small amount of paperwork will stand between you and vehicle ownership. You'll be back on the road before you know it.
  • Your credit will start to improve.
    With every timely payment you make, your credit rating will go up. Eventually, over time, you will notice that your overall credit health has improved significantly. Your auto loan, combined with other credit-building strategies may make it possible for you to go to any bank or credit union for a loan the next time you need to purchase a car.

If you're interested in other ways to repair and improve your credit report, click here to start rebuilding your financial profile.

There are so many things to be thankful for, such as friends, family, your home and your job, not to mention turkey and football. Why not add a much needed vehicle to your list this Thanksgiving? You're only an application away from the peace of mind that comes from having regular access to reliable transportation.

The Best Financing for any Season

Now is a great time to finally buy the car that will improve the quality of your daily life, but anytime of the year is good for affordable financing. Get approved for your auto loan by filling out our simple, secure and obligation-free online application. It's as easy as pumpkin pie.