Why Health Insurance is as Important as Auto Insurance

You may assume that if you’re in a serious automobile wreck, your insurance on your car will be enough to cover all the medical costs you incur as a result of the crash. The truth is though you could wind up with many unpaid medical bills that will not be covered through your auto policy.

All too often, bad things seem to happen to good people. At Auto Credit Express, we have seen many people that were unfortunately thrown into debt when their auto insurance didn’t cover related medical costs from an accident.

Not many of us are prepared for the unexpected costs that can face us in those situations. And this is why it’s important to have good health insurance coverage too.

Obamacare Means No Excuses

Why Health Insurance is as Important as Auto Insurance

In the past, it was very easy to excuse away the lack of health insurance due to the fact that you simply could not afford it. However, the recently established Affordable Care Act has eliminated many of the reasons that people could not be insured; such as discrimination based on:

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