At Auto Credit Express, we've helped hundreds of thousands find the assistance they need to get back on the road again. Helping so many people, we often meet people who tried to find bad credit auto financing before and failed. So why is it that so many other people have still failed to find the financing they need?

Reasons You Won't Be Financed

Why Most People Fail to Find Bad Credit Financing

What few people seem to realize is that there are lenders and dealers available for every level of financial need. So even though your credit may be down the drain, that doesn't mean a lender will always turn you away.

However, there are other reasons you could have been be denied. We've listed a few here, but remember that every situation is unique. If you think you have done all you can to get an auto loan, you should reconsider if you've faltered in any of these areas.

  • Applied at All the Wrong Places
    Not every dealer or lender is equipped with the appropriate resources to offer you financing. That's why when you apply with us, you'll have the strength of our nationwide network of suitable dealers behind you.
  • It's Just a White Lie
    You need to make sure that when you apply for special financing, that you tell the whole truth and hold nothing back. If you've had a repo or a bankruptcy, lenders will be more likely to see what they can do to help you when you're up front with them.
  • No Additional Support
    Whether your bad credit is due to situational concerns or habitual, a dealer and lender are going to feel better about assisting you if you can gather additional support. A good down payment could be as little as $500 in some cases.

As We See It

Just by applying with us you've solved one problem already. Our nationwide network allows us to find the best dealer in your area that will have the opportunities you need to finance a vehicle you want. There are numerous reasons that someone can be turned away, but you can eliminate most of those by preparing yourself and being completely honest. This keeps you on the same page as the dealer and soon puts you back on the road and on to greater places!