Many people prefer to get their money's worth out of their vehicles. However, the hazard of driving a much older vehicle on the roads is that you may not have access to some of the newer and better safety features that can save you and your loved ones' lives.

Save a Life

Here at Auto Credit Express, one of our top concerns is your safety. It's also the concern of a well known company called USAA or otherwise known as United Services Automobile Association, which recently ran an article about 10 Car Safety Features that Can Save Your Life. Below we've listed just a few of these features for you to consider when you're on your next shopping excursion for a new vehicle.

      • Rearview Camera new car safety features
        Originally only found in luxury automobiles, this tiny camera is becoming a popular feature found in almost every car today. The camera transmits the image to your dash or mirror to make driving easier.
      • Automatic Braking
        A small radar in the front of the vehicle can sense a near impact and brake in efforts to reduce damage to you and the car itself.
      • Electronic Stability Control
        This awesome feature helps to correct swerving by applying brakes to individual wheels to help you gain control of your vehicle.
      • Air Bags
        You may think this is nothing new, but you'd be surprise. The technology has advanced in that past few years that has increased the number of lives saved. Furthermore, the number of air bags they have been able to place inside a vehicle has grown, allowing more protection for you on the road.

As We See It

Not much else can be an important as having a safe vehicle for you and your family to get around in. So don't wait! Our easy online application is the first step to finding a vehicle that will protect your loved ones in the event of an acccident. Bad credit, low credit, even no credit should never be a reason to jeopardize anyone's life. Apply today and drive away safely tomorrow!