The new Chrysler Pacifica minivan is loaded with the latest technology features. In fact, new owners may find that they need a little help when it comes to understanding all of them. And who better to offer this instruction than a group of tech-savvy kids?

This is where Chrysler's PacifiKids come in. The automaker has enlisted three adorable, pint-sized product specialists (Izzy, age 10, Miles, age 11 and Harper, age 8) to offer guidance to celebrity parents in a new ad campaign.

PacifiKids Explain New Minivan to Adults

Kids today (otherwise referred to as "Generation Z") are tech-natives. They have never known a world without the kind of technology that adults think of as "new," so they are naturals when it comes to explaining all things high-tech.

The first well-known parent to receive PacifiKids training is actress Brooklyn Decker. In the campaign's inaugural video, Izzy, Miles and Harper take Decker through all of the Pacifica's major features and explain to her how it is the most technologically-advanced vehicle in its class.

More celebrity parents will be featured in upcoming videos, and the spots will be featured on all major social media platforms. The PacifiKids will also be travelling across the country this summer and attending family events in order to provide in-person education on how the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan is built with families in mind.


Excited about the campaign, Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands —Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT— FCA North America, has offered the following statement:

"Let's not kid ourselves—we all know that when it comes to innovation and adapting to new technology, children hold a sizeable advantage over adults. Our digital and social campaign introducing the PacifiKids playfully acknowledges this fact."

And if data gathered about how members of Generation Z generally feel towards cars holds true, it makes a lot of sense to enlist kids to promote a technologically-advanced minivan.

Young People Embrace Cars, Technology and Safety

It may be difficult to imagine an entire generation of young people who are not only okay with, but enthusiastic about driving minivans, but Generation Z (ages 0-18) could be the first. In a recently conducted study from Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, our youngest Americans set themselves apart from Millennials with some surprising responses about driving and car ownership.

  • 92% of GenZ already own a vehicle or plan to own one, and 97% of this group have or plan to get a license. 72% claimed that they would give up a year of social media use to get behind the wheel.
  • GenZ values vehicle safety more than previous generations. 43% of surveyed teens ranked vehicle safety features as a top priority. Only 23% of Millennials responded in a similar fashion as teenagers, and a meager 11% of Generation X drivers valued safety so highly when they were this young.
  • 54% of Generation Z survey respondents find fully self-driving vehicles appealing, with 47% expressing a desire to have all cars drive themselves in the next 10 years. Why? 61% of Gen Z drivers and future drivers think that the roads will be safer when they are full of autonomous cars.

So, it seems that young people want to drive, and they want to do so in the safest way possible. And since they are very comfortable with new technology, vehicles like the Chrysler Pacifica minivan may be exactly what they want to own. However, because the Generation Z members who were surveyed named Ford, Chevrolet and Honda as their preferred automotive brands, Chrysler might have to win them over first. Maybe the PacifiKids campaign will prove to be good PR when it comes to reaching out to these up-and-coming car buyers.

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