Customers wishing to finance a new car with no credit auto loans and the most domestic content should be able to understand a Monroney label

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If you're looking to purchase a new car with as much North American content possible with a bad credit auto loan, you'll need to be able to understand that portion of its window sticker.

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Besides window stickers, we also know a tote the note loan won't raise your credit scores and we can also explain the loan process to you (to help you prevent repossession).

But for many people the right car for approved auto loans is also important and many prefer to finance a domestic car. But finding one is as easy as it used to be.

A domestic car

In the past, Buicks came from Flint, Dodges were put together in Detroit, and Fords were assembled in Dearborn. They were also built elsewhere in the United States, but practically all the manufacturing operations for the domestic “Big 3” were either in the U.S or in Canada.

An import car

That began to change when the Japanese manufacturers started capturing a growing share of the American market and as they became more successful, began assembly operations in the U.S.

To trim costs and become more competitive, domestic automakers began moving some of their parts and vehicle operations to both Mexico and Asian countries.


Because of this, the American Automobile Labeling Act of 1994 was enacted to show new car shoppers where a new car was assembled and where its parts came from.

According to the NHTSA, each new passenger vehicle must display a label with the following information:

•    The percentage U.S./Canadian equipment (parts) content
•    The names of any countries other than the U.S. and Canada which individually contribute 15 percent or more of the equipment content, and the percentage content for each such country (a maximum of two countries)
•    The final assembly point by city and state (where appropriate), and country
•    The country of origin of the engine
•    The country of origin of the transmission
•    A statement which explains that parts content does not include final assembly (except the engine and transmission), distribution, or other non-parts costs.

Note: the percentage of U.S./Canada equipment content, as well as content percentages for other countries, are calculated on a "carline" basis rather than for each individual vehicle and may be rounded to the nearest 5 percent. The term "carline" refers to the name of a group of vehicles which has a degree of commonality in construction, e.g., body and chassis (the Ford Focus and Fusion are separate “carlines”).

Estimates are made prior to the beginning of a model year and are based on the manufacturer's best production estimates for the number of base versus high-line models as well as transmission and other option mixes.

As we see it

For buyers financing with problem credit auto loans who want to support the domestic auto industry or know their vehicle's content source before they buy, the NHTSA also publishes an annual vehicle list available on their web site at:

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