All over the northern hemisphere, the winter season is settling in. Many in the north have to commute on often compromised and dangerous roads. New drivers certainly need to be cautious, but even the most experienced winter drivers can make small mistakes that may end up being deadly.

Safe Driving Tips For Wintry Weather

Your and your loved one's safety is important to everyone at Auto Credit Express. After all, when we were help you get a bad credit auto loan, we don't want anything to happen to your new automobile! So here are a few mistakes to avoid this winter season.
Winter Safety

  1. Driving too fast - On icy roads, this is a big no-no.
  2. Following others too close - This doesn’t allow you enough time to brake.
  3. Over correcting - Ice and slush can easily cause you to lose control.
  4. Driving while tired - Always a bad thing to do despite the weather!
  5. Driving with poor visibility - Make sure you have an ice scraper in your car and use it!
  6. Taking back roads - These roads are usually the last to be plowed meaning you can get stuck in some deep snow drifts.
  7. Not having emergency gear - No matter which season, you should always have a first aid kit and ways to get other drivers and emergency responder's attention.
  8. Leaving a stranded car - Leaving your vehicle in bad weather is dangerous for you and other drivers. Stay in your car and call for help!

Get Prepared

Making sure your vehicle is prepped for driving in winter weather is a great way to protect yourself on the roads. Check the fluids in the engine, particularly your oil and coolant as these can change with the freezing air. Also check your wiper blades to see if they need to be replaced. Make sure your tires have good air pressure and have plenty of tread on them, use chains if you're in an area that will need them. Have an emergency kit in your car that includes at least a first aid kit, road flares or reflective triangles, water and blankets.

As We See It

Winter time is definitely not a time to mess around on the roads. Just like buying a car with bad credit scores is not a game. Here at Auto Credit Express we realize this. That's why we made an easy online application for you. Once it's competed we'll find a dealer in your local area that will happily get you into a new vehicle. So apply today!