Have you ever encountered a bad driver while on the road? Almost everyone that has driven for a significant amount of time has come across a motorist that lacks driving etiquette. Expedia.com recently conducted an analysis of this, asking more than 1,000 adults about the worst driving behavior in America. The analysis unveiled the types of behavior that infuriated individuals the most, along with other key road rage statistics.

Least Popular Drivers

The survey asked individuals which type of driving behavior upset them the most. Out of several different types of bad driving habits, texting while driving emerged as the most bothersome to respondents at 22%. Tailgating was the second most troublesome behavior at 14%, while lane cutting (13%) and left lane hogging (11%) followed. The top 10 bad driving behaviors were:

  1. Texting – 22%
  2. Tailgating – 14%
  3. Lane Cutting – 13%
  4. Left Lane Hogging – 11%
  5. Slow Driving – 8%
  6. Multi-tasking – 8%
  7. Swerving – 8%
  8. Speeding – 5%
  9. Drifting – 5%
  10. Honking – 3%

The most common bad driving habit observed by survey respondents was weaving in and out of traffic (80%). Dangerous speeding (77%), multi-tasking (76%), being cut off (73%), and tailgating (68%) completed the top five.

Cities and Road Rage

worst driving behavior
Respondents to the survey were also asked to identify the degree of road rage in particular cities. Of the 25 American cities listed in the survey, New York City was ranked the highest in road rage with a score of 43%. Los Angeles was second at 30% and Chicago was third at 16%. Portland and Minneapolis were found to be the most courteous cities at less than 2% each.

Rude and Dangerous Behavior

In addition to identifying the type of bad driving behavior and where it takes place, Expedia.com's survey also polled respondents about rude hand gestures and other dangerous behavior. The survey found that 48% had received rude hand gestures, while 35% have been verbally cursed at. Another 9% responded that they have been in a physical altercation with another driver. Additionally, 20% stated that they have felt physically threatened by another motorist.

Passenger Behavior

While drivers often complain about other motorists, they also can have negative opinions about their passengers. Out of the 1,000 respondents, more than 61% stated that "back-seat driving" is the most offensive behavior that a passenger can exhibit. Passengers that won't help navigate, control the radio, and sleep also ranked high in the worst behaviors.

Sharing the Road

Expedia.com's survey also asked respondents about their own driving behavior. The survey found that 37% admitted to multi-tasking. Another 15% admitted to speeding, while 13% responded that they resent having to share roads with bicycles. Although the study uncovered many negative driving habits, it also showed that 42% of respondents would help to stop another driver in distress.

Drive Safely

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