The Benefits of Leasing a New Car in Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix is one of the many cities in the United States that seems fit for car lovers. Unlike other cities, which offer different types of public transportation, Phoenix is one of those cities where you need to own a car. With so many suburbs and outlying areas, it's hard to get around town by walking, cycling or riding the bus. Phoenix, AZ car leasing gives you the chance to get a great car without committing to buying that car. If you aren't sure if leasing is the best option for you, just take a look at some of the benefits of leasing a car.

Trade In Loans

Benefits of Phoenix AZ Car Leasing When you purchase a new car, you're responsible for making every payment due until you pay off the loan. Your lender attaches an interest rate to your loan, and that interest rate changes the total amount that you owe. If you decide that you want a different car, you might have the option to trade in that vehicle on a different model, but you'll face some steep penalties and high fees. Your lender might also roll your previous loan over into your new loan, leaving you with a sizable amount to pay. When you lease a car, you sometimes have the option to trade in your leased car for a newer or better model without paying any fees.

Easy Turn in Requirements

The main downside with leasing a car is the set of turn in requirements. Those who offer leases will later sell those cars to other shoppers, and they want to ensure that those cars still look and run great. You can only put a certain number of miles on the vehicle and you need to follow other restrictions too. While those restrictions might seem impossible to follow, you'll quickly learn that you can still take that car on a vacation and drive it to work every day while still following the rules. As long as you turn that car in on time and follow all the requirements, you won't owe a penny more.

You Can Negotiate Your Terms

Nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes. Though you might see television commercials that outline the rules for a lease, you can negotiate those terms. Many people simply hand over whatever the lender requires without thinking twice, but you have the option to negotiate the lease and walk away with better terms. Even if your credit isn't perfect, you can ask for a longer lease that gives you more time to drive the car or a shorter term if you want to buy a car later. Always talk to the dealer and make it clear what terms will best suit your needs.

Better Deals on Some Models

Car dealerships often run sales during the holidays, and you'll find that the prices on cars drop at the end of the year. Dealers offer lower rates to make room for new models hitting the market. Instead of waiting around for that next sale, why not try leasing a car? You'll find that many dealers offer lower prices and better deals on specific models, but you only have access to those deals if you choose leasing over getting a car loan. Car manufacturers typically offer better leasing deals on cars that didn't sell as well as they hoped or models that they produced in large numbers. Though nothing is wrong with these cars, you can walk away paying much less than you expected.

Spend Less Money

Leasing may let you spend much less money than you've planned to spend on a new car. Buying a car even with bad credit means that you need to pay taxes, title fees and even closing costs, and some companies add a loan origination fee to your total cost too. By the time you leave the dealership, you might pay $1,000 or more than you had planned. Leasing a car comes with fewer fees, and you can walk out of the dealership paying the exact amount noted on your agreement. Many companies won't even charge taxes on your lease.

Shorter Lease Terms

If you still aren't sure if leasing through Auto Credit Express is the best choice for you, take a look at the terms. Why should you spend five years or more paying off a loan on a new car? You can easily spend thousands of dollars on the interest charged on that loan. Leasing a car lets you decide on the terms upfront. Lease a car for as little as one year, or lease a car for up to three years or longer. Phoenix leasing companies offer a variety of terms to choose from.
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