Veterans fought for our freedom, and now we have the opportunity to fight for theirs!

The 2015 LaLonde Charity Open Is In Full Swing!

Join us again to help raise money and awareness to benefit the Friends of the Macomb County Veterans Treatment Court & The Friends of the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court on July 19 at the golf course at Pine Knob.

If American vets hold a special place in your heart, we invite you to consider learning more about our fundraising event and the Veterans Treatment Court at the Lalonde Charity Open website.

We'd also like to thank our sponsors and donors of 2014 listed below, and ask for their continued support in 2015.

Auto Credit Express was excited to host a charity golf event to raise money for the Friends of the Veterans Treatment Court.

The Veterans Treatment Court is a comprehensive treatment program for United States veterans who are struggling with alcohol addiction or substance abuse. With high success rates, the Veterans Treatment Court works to give troubled vets the treatment and care they need to once again live as productive citizens.

What is a Veterans Treatment Court?

Most veterans are strengthened by their military service, but the combat experience has unfortunately left a growing number of veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. One in five veterans has symptoms of a mental health disorder or cognitive impairment. One in six veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom suffer from a substance abuse issue. Research continues to draw a link between substance abuse and combat-related mental illness. Left untreated, mental health disorders common among veterans can directly lead to involvement in the criminal justice system.

The Veterans Treatment Court model requires regular court appearances (a bi-weekly minimum in the early phases of the program), as well as mandatory attendance at treatment sessions and frequent and random testing for substance use (drug and/or alcohol). Veterans respond favorably to this structured environment, given their past experiences in the Armed Forces. However, a few will struggle and it is exactly those veterans who need a Veterans Treatment Court program the most. Without this structure, these veterans will re-offend and remain in the criminal justice system. The Veterans Treatment Court is able to ensure they meet their obligations to themselves, the court, and their community.

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Volunteer Mentors in Veterans Treatment Court

In their recently released video, Justice for Vets shows us the faces of those who need saving and the impact your efforts and our efforts has on the lives of these individuals.

We've kept in memory all those who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives on the battlefield. There is a great deal of veterans though, now at home, that continue to battle physically and mentally due to the wounds and scars that years of war left behind.

Every day, veterans who have suffered from mental health disorders, cognitive impairments and substance abuse end up offending the law due to their untreated symptoms.

At the Veterans Treatment Court there is a much-needed change occurring. With eager volunteers and a structured environment, Justice for Vets is finding ways to help rebuild the lives of our veterans and treat the symptoms that their experiences in war left them with.

Since 2003, masses of men and women have served our country, protected our freedom and given freedom to those who lived with the fear of terrorism daily. Now it's our turn to fight to fight for them.

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