Company Overview

Brief Company History

Auto Credit Express® was founded in June of 1999 by its President and CEO, Rich LaLonde. Since that time the company has been providing special financial services, through its dealer partners, to customers with challenging credit backgrounds.

Company History

Rich LaLonde is a Certified Public Accountant who began his profession as a dealership accountant. He quickly discovered his passion for the car business and went on to become vice-president at a dealership. At this point he recognized that there was a great opportunity to help people in need of sub-prime vehicle financing. Rich gathered a team who shared the same vision and formed a corporation devoted solely to training those dealerships to provide sub-prime customers with auto financing. With this, Rich travelled the country, educating dealers and dealership staff in the art of special finance

In 1996, Rich established another company, Special Finance Systems, which was the nation's leading special finance consulting company. Over time, as Rich began spending months in training with dealer clients, the dealerships began requesting that he provide them with a special finance manager from his own team. In agreement, Rich began permanently placing his highly-trained personnel in dealerships. In doing so, the opportunities increased for the dealerships to give their subprime buyers chances to restore their credit and happily purchase new and low-mileage used cars. This idea proved to be a step in the right direction, as both Rich's company and his dealer clients soared in success.

In early 1999, Rich introduced Auto Credit Express, Inc. (ACE), an independent operating company specializing in sub-prime auto financing. Rich realized that the focus of the company should be on the consumer, utilizing the expertise of ACE and its employees. With a staff of knowledgeable ACE employees at every location, the dealership partners quickly gained a new segment of loyal customers who were grateful for a second chance to establish their auto credit.

In December of 2001, as the Internet advanced and became an essential tool for business, ACE launched their online customer service. Their objective was to help customers to their dealer clients throughout Michigan and Ohio. This service has since evolved and expanded considerably and now serves over a thousand dealerships nationwide as well as in Canada.

In February of 2004, Auto Credit Express acquired the company, Alternative Resources and Training, the creators of LotPro software. This software is used in dealerships that work with sub-prime buyers. With the addition of this company, ACE Tech was formed.

Through hard work and adherence to their mission statement to be focused first and foremost on their consumers, ACE Tech has grown to be the Nation's largest dealer financing network. As ACE Tech continues to thrive with the goal of assisting people on a daily basis, the company currently works with over 1000 dealers while providing special financing services to about 85,000 consumers each month.

Our Operating Segments

Auto Credit Express Loan Matching Service
Launched officially in March 2003, this service allows Auto Credit Express to match nearly 70,000 consumers each month with automobile dealers in the USA and Canada. Each of the 700 dealers within our network have the lending resources and inventory to help nearly any credit situation.

Auto Liquidator
ACE manages and staffs onsite sales events specifically for automobile dealers that have the desire to liquidate 33 percent of their inventory in 7 days.

LotPro Software
LotPro is auto dealer software for special finance. Designed by experienced retail automotive professionals, LotPro provides the practical functions you need to manage and control your special finance department.

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