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What is Tote the Note Auto Financing?

Tote the note financing is becoming more popular in the auto industry among bad credit borrowers. This type of financing refers to car dealers that offer car buyers with bad credit a chance to get into a vehicle when they have been turned down by other lenders. These car lots offer the financing right at their dealership instead of using third party finance companies like banks or credit unions.

Differences Between Tote the Note and Traditional Dealerships

A tote the note dealership is not like a traditional dealership that offers auto financing and leasing options to borrowers with fair to good credit. In addition to sidestepping third party financing, they also:

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Bad Credit Buyers Choose Tote the Note Car Lots

Being turned down at a regular dealership for an auto loan because of your past credit history can leave you feeling embarrassed and ashamed. Now you know that there is a place where you'll likely be approved - a tote the note dealership. If you have a steady income and can afford a car payment a guaranteed credit approval car lot may be right for you.

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Tote the Note Down Falls

Obtaining an auto loan from these buy here pay here car dealers is not always a perfect solution. There are, in fact, some minor drawbacks to this type of financing and you should take them into serious consideration. For instance:

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