Rent to Own Cars

A rent to own car dealership typically handles no credit check auto loans.

Rent to Own Auto Financing

If you're experiencing bad credit issues, you're not alone. Many dealers and lenders realize that not all car buyers have great credit and have created lending programs that serve credit-challenged borrowers.

What are Rent to Own Cars?

Rent to own cars are vehicles that you rent for an agreed upon amount of time, make payments on, and can purchase at the end of the term. When considering a rent to own car, keep these five things in mind:

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Rent-to-Own Cars vs. Leased Cars

The biggest difference between car leasing and renting to own cars is that at the end of the rent to own contract you will own the car. Rent to own auto financing is sometimes called lease to own. Despite using the word "lease" to describe the arrangement, it's very different from new car leasing. Here are a few of the major differences between rent to own cars and leasing used cars:

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Advantages of Rent to Own Cars

There are many benefits to rent to own car financing programs when you have bad credit. These loans are designed for people who need a vehicle but are struggling with the challenges of getting approved from regular and subprime lenders. With a rent to own car, these worries melt away. Here's why:

Disadvantages of Rent to Own Cars

Rent to own car programs, like other financing options, also come with disadvantages. Whether they outweigh the advantages depends upon your situation.

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Rent to Own Car Dealerships Near You

Nobody said finding a rent to own car dealership near you was going to be easy. That's where Auto Credit Express comes in. We have a nationwide network of dealers that specialize in special financing cases, much like yours.

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