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Tell your best friend that you want to lease a car, and you might see that person's eyebrows rise. So many people assume that leasing is a bad option that you might even believe it yourself. However, leasing has a number of positive benefits for car shoppers, and after you learn about those benefits, you may decide that it's the best option for you. Leasing a car in Chicago is similar to renting a home because you are essentially "renting" the car from a dealer. And depending on your credit situation and finances, you might find that a loan on the car that you want might be a little too much at the moment. If this is the case, leasing can be a good alternative to the commitment that buying requires..

What is Car Leasing?

Leasing a car is like leasing a space for your business. You won't buy the car outright, but you will get access to a great vehicle that you can use for an extended period of time. Most leases run anywhere from one year to five years, and as you would when buying a car, you make monthly or weekly payments on your lease. Leasing is a simple way to drive a better, newer car than you could afford to purchase outright.

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Leasing vs. Buying

Chicago is a big city with a great public transportation system, but you can't always rely on public transportation alone. What happens if you have an interview for a job with a higher salary in one of the Chicago suburbs where the buses don't run? What happens if the public transportation system doesn't start running until you need to be at work? There are hundreds of reasons why you might need your own car, and when deciding between leasing and buying a car, you need to review both options and decide what would be best for you.

Buying a new car gives you something tangible. When your loan ends, you own that car outright, and you can do anything with that car that you want. You can sell it to another buyer, apply for a new loan online or sell the car back to the dealer. When your lease ends, you don't own the car. However, before you decide that buying a car is a better option, take a close look at the benefits of leasing.

Benefits of Leasing

Are you the type of person who wants a new smart phone every year? Do you find yourself shopping for new electronics regularly and growing tired of the same old, same old? If so, leasing might be a better choice for you. With leasing, you can trade in the car at the end of your lease and drive away in a newer or better car. Leasing also gives you the chance to purchase that car at the end of your lease. Also, buying a car typically means that you pay for the loan and the interest on that loan, but when you lease a car, your monthly rates are usually much more affordable.

Credit Scores

responsible and will bring that car back in near perfect condition. Some dealers assume that if you have a lower credit score, you're an irresponsible person. We know that you can be a responsible person and still have some problems with your credit, which is why we look at your employment history, job and other factors and will work to get you a subprime auto loan anywhere in the US or Canada. Why should those credit card mistakes you made years ago hurt you today? We don't think they should.

Improving Your Credit Today

Did you know that leasing a car can actually help you improve your credit score? Your credit score increases when you make payments on time, and your score drops when you skip a payment or make a payment late. With a lease, you can determine when you want to make your payments. You can either make those payments every week or once a month, and the credit reporting bureaus will record each of these payments that you make. In just a few months, your credit score might rise significantly. If you live in the Chicago area and need a car loan, even if you have poor credit, bad credit or no credit, we can help you get back on the road!

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