Bad Credit Car Leasing

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When it comes to acquiring a new vehicle, we at Auto Credit Express understand that taking out a car loan is not in everyone's plans. For some, the option to lease a car may be a much more attractive offer to pursue than applying for vehicle financing, and it can offer some great advantages too.

Many people believe that leasing a car with bad credit is impossible, but this isn't entirely true. It is easier than it used to be for people with less than perfect credit to be approved for lease contracts, and our network of dealers is made up of experts in the special finance field.

Auto Leasing with Bad Credit

We are often asked what credit score is needed to lease a vehicle, and we don’t have a direct answer for that. This is because there are some lending companies that will not look at a consumer if they have a score below 620. The truth is, many dealerships prefer a good to excellent credit score when looking at lessee, but luckily, these are not the dealers we work with. Here at Auto Credit Express we work with dealerships that specialize in subprime lending. This means that you can lease a new car, even if you have a 500 credit score.

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Auto Advantages and Disadvantages to Leasing a Car

While it may not be for everyone, leasing definitely has some advantages:

  • You get a new or newer vehicle.
  • Most cars come with a warranty, so any major repair costs will not be coming out of your pocket.
  • You have a reliable vehicle to get to and from work and the kids to and from school in.
  • Making all you payments on time will help you to rebuild your credit rating.

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Determining Monthly Payments for Lease Agreements

One of the biggest attractions to leasing a vehicle versus financing is the relatively low monthly payments. Many dealers will advertise how you can get a brand new car, truck, or SUV for as low as $200 a month. Just keep in mind that your credit rating will ultimately determine what your actual monthly payments will be.

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