What to Know About Leasing a Car in Atlanta, Georgia

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Are you searching for a vehicle in Atlanta, GA? By leasing an automobile, you may be able to make an exceptionally low down payment and customize the annual mileage limit of your lease. You could also be entitled to a free service package from the dealership that covers routine maintenance and any repairs, and potentially be able to trade your vehicle in for a new lease at any time.

The Car Loan Request Form

You can complete the loan request form on our website in less than 30 seconds by answering questions about your income, your other monthly expenses, and the type of automobile that you wish to lease.

To start, you should fill out a short form on our website that only requires basic information, or you can request approval by calling us at (877)896-4217. After submitting the full loan request, you can check its status by entering your confirmation number on our site.

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Verification and Your Credit Score

Before offering a customer a lease, a bank or a credit union will scrutinize the applicant's credit report. However, at Auto Credit Express, we work specifically with those who are seeking bad credit car finance to get back into a vehicle after experiencing a financial setback.

Instead od depending entirely on your "credit worthiness," the amount of the lease for which you qualify will largely be based on your income and on the sum of your other expenses each month (your Debt to Income ratio), and we will ask you to provide a bank statement in order to verify your monthly earnings.

The Down Payment

Most dealerships and banks demand a down payment that is equal to at least 20-30 percent of the automobile's value. In contrast, our business lets you sign up for a lease with an initial installment that usually accounts for around 10 percent of the vehicle's value.

Monthly Payments

A lease's monthly rates are often much lower than the monthly payments that an auto loan requires. Numerous factors can affect your rates, such as the amount of your initial payment, the year during which the automobile was manufactured and your annual mileage limit.

You can select the day of each month on which you make your payment. And you can choose to have each installment automatically withdrawn from your bank account or pay in the form of a check.

The Service Package

Another key benefit of signing up for a lease in Atlanta, GA is the complimentary service package that covers an oil change every 5,000 miles, changing the vehicle's brake pads, new tires and any unforeseen repairs that your automobile needs.

If you haven't leased your car directly from a dealer, and you are permitted to take it to any certified mechanic, instead of making you wait weeks for a reimbursement, the provider of the lease will pay the mechanic directly.

Trading In Your Vehicle

If you decide that you want to trade in your leased vehicle for another car, you won't have to wait to sell the car or risk losing money by negotiating with a private buyer. However, the terms of the new lease may be quite different than those of the old agreement, and you will likely have to make another down payment. Also, keep in mind that you can decide to take out a traditional car loans to purchase the vehicle if you decide that you would like to keep it.

Your Credit Score

As soon as you begin to make payments, your credit score will start to improve, and after one year of consistently paying your premiums on time, your score can rise by as much as 100 points.

The Duration

The length of your lease will be from one year to five years, and due to the steady reduction of the vehicle's overall value over time, a longer lease will provide much lower monthly payments than a shorter contract.

The Mileage Limit

Most leases come with an annual mileage limit of 12,000 miles, and depending on the dealership that provides the lease, each additional mile generally costs between 15 cents and 40 cents.

To avoid exceeding your mileage limit, you can choose to sign up for a lease that has an annual limit of 15,000 miles or 20,000 miles, depending on how much you typically drive.

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