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Auto Loan Guide - What's Expected?

Hi this is Edward again, and I'm getting some questions from customers all over the country that are asking. "What does the bank expect from me, especially if I have some credit problems trying to get a car loan?"

Well you know, most banks are looking at four things from a customer that's coming in to buy a car from a dealership, that had some previous credit problems.

One, is their ability. Their ability to pay a down payment; their ability to pay the loan on time.

That's one of the pretty important things they are looking for.

Another thing is really stability. What kind of stability you have at your job; what kind of stability you have at your residence.

The more stability you have the better it is for you when you are looking to apply for a car loan.

Another thing they look for is credibility. What have you done with your credit before you had all the problems?

Bad things happen to good people, and most banks realize that some people maybe got a little bit off track with their credit.

Now the fourth thing, probably the most important thing, is flexibility.

You know if you dont have stability, or the ability to pay or credibility, a customer has to be really flexible with what kind of vehicle they are going to be working with, and what kind of down payment they are going to need in order to get into that vehicle.

So most banks want to help you, and thats where comes in. We work with the right banks, with the right dealerships, and work with the right partnerships, that are willing to take an effort to help you with your particular credit situation in getting another vehicle.