Bad Credit Car Loans - Car Dealer Basic Approval Guidelines

Bad Credit Car Loans - Car Dealer Basic Approval Guidelines

Watch the video above to hear answers to the following questions and more.

Heather, from Massachusetts writes:
"I'm having the hardest time tring to get a loan for a car. I have no credit and no one wants to take a chance on me. I'm considered a ghost. How can i get help?"

Michael, from Ohio writes:
"What are the basic qualifications for obtaining a loan through your services"?

Terry, from Kentucky writes:
"If I apply on your website, can you give me a list of dealerships in my area that you work with?"

Jenny, from Michigan writes:
"I received a call from a dealership a week ago when I applied for a loan, and have not heard anything since. Is there anything I can do?"

John from Pennsylvania writes:
"Hi, I am looking for a subprime auto loan. I was denied by 2 car dealerships in the past couple weeks. I have current deliquent credit cards and a bankruptcy in 2003. Can I be helped?"

Kevin, from Indiana writes:
"Does your company deal with loans for motorcycles and RVs?"

Dennis, from Florida writes:
"I just got into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I need a car bad, and I make $2000 a month. I do not have a down payment. Is it possible to get approved?"

Sarah, from Michigan writes:
"I am on fixed income per month, but meet the $1500 requirement. I cannot do a down payment. Can I still be approved for a vehicle?"

Alan, from Ohio writes:
"How can you get someone approved for a vehicle loan with a credit score of 520?"
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