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What's in My Credit Report?

Will a credit counseling service fix my credit? Some consumers paid so called "credit clinics" hundreds even thousands of dollars to fix their credit report. But the reality of it is only time can heal bad credit.

If you have several open credit card accounts, often you have due date such as the beginning, middle and end of each month. It may be difficult for you to make these payments on time which ultimately will affect your credit if a payment is missed. The benefit of using a credit counseling service is that they can reduce all the payments to one payment in which you will pay that credit service each month. Once you make your payment to the credit counseling service each month they will disperse the monthly payments owed to each credit card account owed on time.

As long as you pay the credit coupling service your payments will never be late. Nothing is free so expect to pay that credit counseling service a fee that is added to the one payment you make each month.