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Getting More for Your Trade-In Getting More for Your Trade-In

You've decided it's time to get a new car. Even though you know you could probably get more for your current vehicle by selling it on your own, you've also decided that's probably too much of a hassle and, since you don't want to come up with a cash down payment, the only option that remains is to trade it in.

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What If I Am Upside Down on My Car Loan? What If I Am Upside Down on My Car Loan?

Being upside down - or underwater - on a car loan is a situation in which you owe more money on a vehicle than what it is currently worth. This means that if you attempt to sell it, you still owe your lender money. In Travis' case, he had bought his car with no down payment and a payment plan of 60 months, and was about halfway through his loan. He owed thousands more than it was now worth.

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Can I Trade In a Car I Still Owe Money On? Can I Trade In a Car I Still Owe Money On?

The car you have runs well. In fact, it's a great car with plenty of nice features and it is perfect for all of your needs. But your financial situation has changed, and you need to trade it in. But there is a problem: You still owe money on it. The good news is that yes, you can trade in that vehicle. The bad news, however, is that there will be some drawbacks, especially if the reason you need to replace it is because you can no longer afford the payments. This is a factor you will need to thoroughly consider when determining what kind of car you can get to take its place.

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